It’s 37 days into 2020 and I haven’t been on any trip yet. This is rare and weird at the same time as I traveled every single month in 2019. But well well, I’m saving up for something exciting in a few months. Stay updated to my blog to find out. *winkwink*

Okay, let’s go back to our today blog post. So my boyfriend has recently discovered very cool just-added-street arts in Phnom Penh and I couldn’t wait to hunt them down then share it with you guys.

We downloaded a self-guided app called Grasshopper Adventures to track down the location of each painting. During our hunting mission, most paintings were still in progress; some haven’t even started yet so we had to go back again the following week.

We started from Wat Phnom up to Tuol Tompung area. Let’s take a look at each art we hunted down.

Wat Phnom Area

We’re not quite sure if this is the one added by Cambodia Urban Art team. The location on the app says it’s located at this French school, but we couldn’t seem to find any, except for this one.

Lycee Francais Rene Decartes

The school was close when we made our visit, so we had to zoom in from their gate to capture this piece of art. But I don’t think you can enter the school premises on weekday either unless you’re a student there.

Adding some beauty to a construction hoarding because why not?

Photo by Kakada Yi
Photo by Kakada Yi

In Front of Sra’Art Gallery

Gotta say this Bayon face painting is the most colorful one of all.

In Front of Sra’Art Gallery

Future Factory

It’s not a wall painting here, they just put some eye-catching paintings on display at a very beautiful colonial building.

I know these two cars have been there ever since they started the place, but it’s very creative how they added some lives to the old cars and use them as flower pots.

Future Factory

There’s also a restaurant here.

Future Factory

Wat Botum Area

I bet this alleyway in the community village is soon to be the second Phnom Penh favorite’s photo op place after the one on 240.

Note: It wasn’t completely ready during my visit.

Tuol Tompung Area

There are currently only 2 arts in this area. One at Eleven One Kitchen and another one at Phnom Climb.

Eleven One Kitchen
Phnom Climb

This is not a complete list of street arts in Phnom Penh. There are old ones that have been added from years back. Download Grasshopper Adventures on play store/app store to complete the whole thing.

Grasshopper Adventures Mobile App